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Sertraline again

I have recently been prescribed Sertraline for my anxiety, I'm 16 and today is my 3rd day. I have a crippling phobia of vomiting, and i mean crippling, it's unbelievable how scared i am of it and I know that vomiting is a side effect of sertraline. I want to come off it already but my mum won't let me until i give it a proper try. I feel so sick and have done most of the last 3 days but i feel sick everyday due to my anxiety so I'm not sure if the nausea is because of the side effects or just my daily anxiety. I was just wondering if anyone has any help it advice or knows how common vomiting is, or could help me because I don't know what to do

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Drink 100% welchs grape juice. Google it

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