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Severe anxiety after general anesthesia

The day after I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy i had a very Vivid dream then woke me up in a panic I am someone who has suffered from anxiety and panic since I was young but I kept it well managed but after the general anesthesia my panic attacks and anxiety have been out of control I'm just afraid and uncomfortable every day the first week was the worst and I'm getting slowly better but it's now been a month and I'm still not 100% and i still think my vivid dream of being possessed could come true due to my anxiety and i still have bad days I have irrational fears and just anxiety every time I wake up has anyone been through this and can help me out?

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If each day is improving that's wonderful to build upon as youbwill get back to 100%


I also have had what you had. I personally think you did really well as both procedures were very uncomfortable. Did they give you the results? I was given my results immediately and told that I had diverticulosis which was why I was in so much discomfort. Maybe your anxiety increased due to this and this is the cause. May I suggest you do deep breathing excercises, then if possible go out in the fresh air, walk briskly if you can that will help take your mind off things😊 I am sure you will feel better soonx


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