Please help me

Can anyone let me know if they have had vision problems that have lasted a while. I've had distorted vision and trouble concentrating for about 5 days now which I consider to be quite long. I'm 100% focused on it now though which could be adding to it, plus my constant teeth Grinding. Can someone just help reassure me. I've got a wedding today and I am petrified just need some help :(


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4 Replies

  • Hi Sandy. Sounds like you have lots of muscle tension in your face, which "might" be affecting your eye muscles and vision. Obviously, seeing a doctor is step one. Many in our community have vision issues so, you are not alone in that. Make a commitment that today, you ENJOY the wedding you are attending. Even if you just sit by yourself, think of today's wedding as a show put on just for you to enjoy.

  • I saw a doctor she shone a light in my eye and said nothing is wrong then I had an eye test and all

    Is fine again. Just this persistent headache and eye distortment is bugging me makes me worry about brain problems :(

  • Hi Sandy. I too have vision problems. They usually come just before I get a headache. Since you had test done, and everything is ok, try not to worry, it makes it worse. I take Edcedrin Migrane medication when my eyes start to mess up, because I know there is a headache coming soon after. Enjoy your day.

  • I don't think them tests are conclusive enough :( such a bad headache and vision constantly

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