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burglers real late at night tusday

i can not sleep most nights

because something in my life happend

but tusday night late i was going to

toss out the garbage i looked out the

back window the yard light was on

i thought there was stray cats out

there no it was a med size man all in black wereing

a hooded sweater with a flash light

looking around at are bbq stuff

and all around 1 am he walked

a way i said what are you doing he said

f.u i thought he was gone

2am he was looking into cars

with his flash light

a nother guy was out there

walking down the ally looking in cars

with a lflash light thin tale

reflective vest back pack

police came did not

find them

i know it has been a few days but it is

still on my mind can not sleep

worryed now what

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