Vision problems

I'd like to know what problems people have experienced with their vision with anxiety. I have had blurred vision then sometimes it's clear but I'm looking around at other things not really concentrating on it. I also find myself questioning my sight. Like it's normal but I ask myself am I sure? Can people let me know what issues they have had? Thanks ahead.


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3 Replies

  • Had this symptom even when I was prescribed glasses it comes and goes few colours in my right eye a few stars but nothing to worry about it's mind playing tricks making you believe something is there when it isn't. That's the beauty with anxiety all in the head !

  • Did you see the post I made today? I've had flashes, some blurry vision too, visual snow.

  • I'm about to call an eye doctor or neurology even though I've been told it's common, but I get eye fluttering in my right eyelid intermittently . They say stress

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