GERD or Acid Reflux? What is this?

I constantly belch! It makes my stomach feel exhausted at the end of the day. If I eat, I belch. If I don't eat, I belch. The only thing that helps is ginger tea and sometimes Ginger Ale. It is awful. I had this before over 15 years ago, it went away. I was given an endoscopy back then and they didn't find acid reflux. So why did it return in July and again in November? It feels like food is stuck 1/2 down my esophagus, makes it easier to not eat bread as that makes it much worse. If I am stressed out or upset, It gets much worse. It stays that way for a long time.I cannot live this way.

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  • This happens to me constantly. I must burp 100x a day, and it's very distressing and embarassing. Sometimes when I'm having palpitations, I feel like burping helps relieve the sensation.Weird, I know, but it seems to help out. but yeah, either on a full or empty stomach, I'm almost always burping, so you're not alone.

  • Go to your doctor and ask for Omeprazole tablets. They cured my symptoms which were just like yours. It was always worse after a meal or if I was stressed. I got to the stage that I was scared to eat. Take them as instructed and you should get relief.

  • Thank you. I am trying to figure out the source of the digestive issues. I am tracing it back to a prescription for blood pressure, Benicar. There is a class action lawsuit claiming it causes acid reflux disease and a host of other serious digestive and esophagus problems.

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