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Feeling much better 😊


Hello everyone, I'd like to share how I'm feeling after fighting for 1 year with anxiety disorder. Now i know how to tackle it and i can tell you all that it is in your mind. Everything is mental. Once you are able to control your emotions and tell yourself to stop, it will work. sometimes i do have the symptoms like heart racing or feeling suddenly hot and anxious. And at that particular moment i talk to myself and say: stop! you are not sick! everything will be fine. And i breath in and out relaxing and i feel better. One important thing is that you should never give up 😊

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LOVE it! Thank you for the inspiration!

Great post. Let's hope more people read this and follow your advice

Thank you for your words of positivity !

I hope that some day soon I'll be able to say the same for myself 😭

Hello, did u overcome your anxiety?

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