Really bad anxiety!??

I'm having such bad anxiety where I even end up breaking down in tears with a panic attack, I've been over thinking as well thinking something else is wrong with me like I've been feeling dizziness & weakness & tired , I looked kidney failure symptoms on Google and made me just have a panic attack :'(

The reason why I even bothered to look that up is because of blood infection I am scared that I might have it because my pimple on my chin keeps bleeding and it's been there a month & getting all these symptoms are just scaring me more thinking the worst 😞, I can't even enjoy playing with my 11 month old because my anxiety just attacks me randomly & I hate it , I don't like my Heath anxiety too because I'm always overthinking & trying to think positive but I always have anxiety attack me it sucks and I need someone to talk too that really understands 😢😞


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  • I am figuring out that anxiety (hypochondria or otherwise) only happens to nice, very nice, people. I bet you give your all to everyone and everything and don't give yourself many breaks. It has been shown that people with anxiety do not express their anger, but rather hold it in. Our bodies begin to express our anger or exhaustion in other ways...mainly anxiety. I strongly recommend this book:

    You must do the work in the book, but I think it's the key to recovery.

    Also, you need your hormones checked as well as your vitamins, minerals, and thyroid. Those can make us prone to anxiety and are easy to fix. Be sure you get your D vitamins checked. With an 11 month old you could be experiencing mineral or vitamin deficiencies, thyroid, or hormone imbalances. Again, easy to fix. Find a good doc who believes in healing naturally. BTW, your face bleeds very badly and it is difficult to get it to stop if there is still a wound there.


  • Oh wow I know what you are going through, especially with children, it makes it harder on us being parents because of anxiety keeps us away of avoiding living life. Instead we focus on the what ifs. Its very depressing but you have to continue to move forward with life even when you are feeling at your worst. I know what you are going through, sometimes I just want to stay in bed and cry all day. But then I think and I look at my baby and I know that I have to get up and go on. Yes it is a struggle day to day. But I hope I pray that we all can get a break and be done with anxiety.

  • I know right , I'm trying my best too stay positive & even put a smile on my face because my little one . I know every parent fears is leaving there child especially hurts when you have anxiety all the time ' I don't wanna go to no doctor about my anxiety because I always think I'm strong enough to shake the feeling off of anxiety, I always tend to overthink too

  • You should go to the doctor, especially if its not getting better. I mean the doctor helped me out a lot reaching out to get help and finding the right medication to make me feel better. She was very positive and she listened to me. I think the first step is admitting that there is a problem and that you need help. Best wishes to you

  • You want me to go to the doctor about my anxiety?

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