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Another damn provlem

Hi guys for about a week now I have had this constant full feeling/empty feeling in my stomach, it doesn't improve after eating or when passing stool. It's just the same dull feeling, imagine eating as much as you possibly can that's the feeling have constantly. I don't feel sick or anything no blood etc etc, just it feels like bloated but constantly. It's starting to worry me extremely and causing anxiety attacks. This is a very real feeling and isn't caused by anxiety. The feeling generates anxiety. Has anyone had this, could it be I just have quite an upset tummy? I have been burping gas at a rather unusual volume and for a long time in one go and at the other end too it's constant gas? I don't know what could be causing this any idea or have you had something like this? It is genuinely worrying me and is very uncomfortable, burping and farting a lot more since this started (sorry)

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Ollybolly, I have that feeling right now. Bloated, full feeling that lasts. Please try not to worry. It is common in anxious people. Anxiety has us swallowing more than normal. That allows air to fill the stomach. Uncomfortable but not serious. Also do not chew gum when you are nervous as that adds additional air to the stomach. Sometimes a little tea may help or ginger ale pour over ice, sipped slowly. I normally just go with the flow and don't let it bother me. Feel better and try not to worry.


If you've had anxiety, even if it's slowing down, your tummy has taken a toll. It usually causes excess acid which results in either reflux, bloating, a full feeling in the gut, or nausea...or all of them. Natural solutions are coconut oil, milk thistle, and apple cider vinegar (diluted in water). You can also try OTC methods like Pepto and heartburn tabs. Stick with a program for at least a week to give your stomach time to heal. A good probiotic will help your stomach keep bacteria in it. Best of luck. Rest and recover. You deserve a break.

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