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I was curious about something. Ok, so i was trying to sing something lol . I was finally relaxing. So I'm remembering this old song I wanted to sing & then I kept having to burp . It interrupted my thoughts & I felt all out of sorts after so I quit singing. It's like my acid reflux/ anxiety got in the way of my thoughts & I felt odd a bit after because of it. That's the best way I could describe it. I'm calming down now . Anyone else have anxiety interrupt their thoughts then feel weird after? What did you do to feel ok again?


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  • haha yes indeed . it is funny tho .. when i use to record songs ( use to sing and record when i was 23 ) i kept thinking about yawning while recording or vomit and trust me recording was very very hard while thinking those thots lol .. whenever you get the feeling while singing drink a bit of water .. it will go away

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