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eye contact anxiety

Hi guys I'm new here. I decided to join as for the past 12 months have been having bad anxiety whenever I make eye contact with others. It just started randomly one day when I was talking to someone and suddently became conscious of my blinking and then became afraid the other person would notice I was conscious of it and think I was weird. It then started happening everytime I talked to that person and I became really self conscious that I was staring or blinking too much. Then it started happening with other people and now I experience this feeling of anxiety anytime I have eye contact with someone which I know is going to last more than 10 seconds. I feel like other people notice I am anxious about it and give me funny looks. I think it is both ocd and anxiety and I can't seem to shift it or turn off the anxiety when I talk to people. I think in the back of my mind I am terrified someone will say 'why are you looking at me like that?' or 'why are you blinking at me like that' . It's like my brain is afriad to let go of it and I have to consciously try and make my eye contact look normal. I've created a 'flight or fight' response around my eye contact that is now sticky and I really don't know how to just relax when I am having eye contact with someone. Has anyone got any advice?

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Hi there, I know how you feel. I sometimes. Do the same, but I look down people's bodies, which can be worst. I believe this is a defence mechanism built up over time and it ca become an automatic reaction..

You can tackle this. Firstly you are aware of it. Take control of the situation this is not as harsh as it seems. Start practicing with people you know and trust. You decide the level of eye contact you want. Imagine a positive outcome and life will get better with practice. Eventually you will unlearn this habit. Love & Respect yourself .


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