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I busted two tyres and it feels like the end of the world

I burst my two left side tyres tonight when I hit a pavement and obviously got a fright.

When I phoned my mum to ask her what I should do she just jumped down my throat and then my step dad did when he had to come get me.

It just constantly feels like if I do wrong i shouldn't tell them because it ends up in me going home and having panic attacks all night occasionally to the point I've thought about hurting myself.

I'm supposed to move back home this weekend and just because of this I don't think I want to and i can't tell them

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Hurting yourself is definitely not the solution. it won't help anything and if you are able to see a counselor that would be ideal. If you mean to do wrong that's one thing, if you just feel like you're constantly doing wrong it sounds like you're just having a bit of bad luck. Intent is everything and it sounds like yours is in the right place.

It's easy for me to say on this side but the reactions seem a bit harsh. However I assume if you are planning to move home it's your only option at this point? And you should probably appreciate the lodging and try to make the best of it. They don't sound particularly empathetic. I try not to be this way but maybe my daughter would say I nag her too much? I don't think I would have done the same in this instance, but I'm not perfect. In most cases Parents try their best. I hope yours are the same. Sounds like maybe you need to tough it out until you can get your own place and look at the positive in saving money. In the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal and it should not change your plans. They did come and get you so ultimately they do care for you and that's what matters. Its okay.

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A good reply. In the scheme of things two flats tyres are not going to make the world stop and at least your safe. I would suggest applying for some kind of car rescue which is something I had to do as my father never drove and I could not rely on him giving me a tow.

With regards to your moving in and your feeling a little apprehensive don't worry. Enjoy your time with them, be self sufficient. Tidy up afterwards, do your own washing and ironing and, if you can, give them some housekeeping. Then when you have saved enough get your own flat. Just get into a routine, keep dialogue open and tell them if you are going out. I know it sounds as if you are a little girl again but if you are under their roof then it helps them not to feel anxious if you stay over at a friends house and you haven't told them you were going to. I know it sounds weired but it does work.


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