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Does anyone else find there self's questioning there relationship daily? So tonight my 'boyfriend' had a drink and passed out so me being nosey thought I'd check his phone well tbh i wish I hadn't :'( I found messages to my supposed to be friend of him sending kisses and things it was the nature of the messages that made it seem slightly dodgy and the thing is she's the one friend who's always made me feel small and now I'm laid wide awake not knowing what to do as my mind is going into overdrive :'(

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That happened to me before when I was about 23/24. I never mentioned it to neither of them but the crazy thing is I broke up with him maybe 2 years after that and the girl is still my friend. She's actually going to be my maid of honor. Life has it's twists. I found out he was making passes at a few of my friends actually. Recently he reached out to me via FB and was saying how much he missed What we had and I was like ummmmm you're a douche bag. Handle it the best way you can but definitely play it calm and cool. Good Luck


You should be with someone who would never make you even feel like this or question yourself and if you're "good enough" have a serious talk with him about it

But my advice is if it happens the first time it'll happen again

I hope you find that true love !

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