I'm terrified of loosing my dog

So I have had anxiety for five years now about bunch of different things, I have been getting better at dealing with my panic attacks and barely ever get them now. But lately I have been worrying about something happening to my dog, my mind make scenarios of something terrible happening, I can vividly picture my mom screaming the name of my dog as he gets hit by a car. And it feels so real. I'm a very deep thinker, and I was thinking "what if it will happen in the future, and maybe I have already lived my life before, that's why I keep imaging these terrible things, because something terrible will happen" I know it's just my anxiety telling me what to think but I'm really freaking out.

I can't let him walk without a leash, I make sure to tell my family not to walk him without a leash, I'm just so cautious about it. He's my source of happiness and I just can't loose him. I really hope someone can understand me, does anybody's mind make up really scary scenarios? Cause mine does, I found this website today and feel relieved to get this all out.


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4 Replies

  • First, congratulations on getting better at dealing with panic attacks. I rarely get them anymore because I know now that that is all they are and won't last long. Once the fear of getting them is gone they lose their power.

    As for the scary thoughts, yes, I think everyone here has those as that is what fuels our anxiety. I am also a deep thinker and spend too much time in my thoughts. I'm very creative at coming up with the worst possible scenarios. They are just scary thoughts though, not reality.

    Perhaps the fear of losing your dog stems from some old separation anxiety you experienced. Sounds like you are taking the necessary measures to avoid something bad happening to him. The fact that you are concerned about it tells me that he's going to be just fine and with you for a very long time.

    Be at peace.


  • Thank you so much for replying, I honestly thought no one would comment anything, it's good to hear you understand what I'm saying, about making up scenarios, Its good to feel like I'm normal, not the only one that does that. I do get anxiety about separation sometimes, your probably right. Thank you so much

  • I'm glad it helped. You are totally normal - as normal as anyone else. We with anxiety have our issues, and others have theirs. We are all dealing with something. Catastrophizing and thinking the worst is what fears our anxiety. We just need to quiet those thoughts (or tell them to shut the F up) and refocus on today. Over and over. I like to intentionally slow myself down, walk slower, move slower, take deep breaths. It helps calm me down.

    I hope you have a peaceful day.

  • Hello, Bwise - I'm Wendy. Glad you found this site. It really is a wonderful help when you are troubled. I can tell that you were apprehensive that people might not understand you. There are so many kind, caring, helpful folk on here and they have a wealth of experience. I was reassured to read your post. I am privileged to share my life with a beautiful, affectionate and protective Tom cat. Every single time I let him out, I wonder if it will be the last time I see him. That sentence was really hard emotionally for me to write. I have imagined various scenarios - in full colour and they sometimes feel as real as reality, if that makes sense to you? I cannot tell you how much I adore my little cat. When my beloved Mum passed away, my cat (he was a tiny kitten then) was the only soul who could make me smile again. I understand your very vivid fears and you are not alone on this wonderful site. With love and best wishes, Wendy x

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