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Hi,ive been suffering GAD for 3+ years now and its only in the past 6 months im learning to deal with it.You have to always remind yourself that nothing bad is going to happen.Try reading to take ur mind of it and have plenty of exercise.You have to learn to control it and not let the anxiety control you or you will have no life at all.Always talk about it to someone this always helps

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Agreed. I think one thing that gets us caught is focusing too much on our pain (guilty myself). When we are struggling we desperately look everywhere for support and "cures" (like here, internet sites, books, etc) looking for an outside fix to our problem, but not realizing WE are our own support and can fix our problems. I know this is more easily said than done. We want someone or something to fix us NOW. But, we have to be patient with ourselves (also more easily said than done) and understand that getting better is a marathon not a sprint.

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