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Alcoholic mum

hi 🙋 this is the thing I'm a single parent of a teenager I live near my mum who's an alcoholic.she fell over & broke her hip so I wwnt rushing up there even though she's treated very badly I'm always going back anyways my other sister wouldn't visit her so i visited her everyday with my daughter but now she's made,up with mt sister shea being Si nasty to me and very ungrateful she just talks to me like dirt and doesn't ever say thankyou i left the hospital in tears and u promised myself Il never give her anymore chances its too painful and its affecting my health when iv already got anxiety and other things.i lost my brother to drink and one if my sisters is also an alcoholic i want be going back but it bothers me greatly and i hav never felt loved by her

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I am so sorry as well as your own problems you are going through all this with your Mum and family , what a lot to cope with

Many people think Alcoholism is self inflicted but it is not , it is an illness in itself , I am sure no one wakes up in a Morning and decides they are going to potentially drink themselves to death , there is an underlying issue or issues why they have decided to press the self destruction button but unless they want to admit they have a problem and get help there is nothing no one can do and for loved ones there is only so much they can do to try and help and sometimes as painful as it is the only thing left is to let them know you love them , that if and when they are ready to sort themselves out you will be there but in the meantime you cannot keep taking the abuse they keep giving you because it is making you ill

Bearing in mind as painful as it is how they behave and what they say they are under the influence of drink which does make people say and behave in a manner that they would not normally , so when the put downs and harsh words are said try and remember it is the drink that is talking and not the Mum or Sister that would behave differently sober

But you have to put yourself first and the Alcoholic can make everyone sick that is around them so you need just as much support as the person that is drinking

I am not sure if you are in the UK and have ever tried Al-Anon but I think you would find some great support if you contacted them and also there is a group for teens where if your Daughter needed support she could attend , and all the people there in both groups are going through exactly what you are or been where you are and know the best ways in which to cope , I hope you will put you and your Daughter first as I have said this is an illness in itself despite what people might want to believe but you need to make sure you don't allow this to affect you & your Daughter any more than it already has done , you owe it to yourself :-)

I will put you a link on and hope it may help :-)

Take Care x


thanku soooo much u are so kind thoughtful and wise I will take ur advise and think about my daughter and myself I appreciate ur help more then y know I live in the uk by the way if there's anyway I can be there for u let me know take care best wishes pam🎀


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