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Anxious college student

I'm a sophomore transfer student living just off campus with a few friends. I like my school and have friends here but something about me really just wishes I was home. I lived at home last year for my freshman year because of anxiety about living somewhere else and now I'm 4 hours from home and just really miss my family. I keep looking for reasons to move back. I feel like I should finish out the year and then decide but the days go by so slow it's making it harder to get through. Does anyone have advice?

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At 36 and having lived with anxiety for only two years, my advice is to do what you need to be happy. If you need to be with your family to feel happy. Just go. Life is too short to live it in sadness.

Saying that. Making conscious choices. How long have you lived away? If you want to give it a longer go. Give yourself a date in the future that you'll say to yourself 'I gave it a good ol' go and I still don't feel good so I'm moving home', ask yourself if you'd feel better at home or if it's just 'same shit different location'. Sit down and ask yourself real questions. 'Is it my fear of being away from my family or my fear of making new friends'.

Do your homework on yourself but ultimately... if you need to be around your family to feel good, be your own best friend and do it x

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