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Sickness phobia


I have a huge phobia of sickness, and currently share a flat with my boyfriend and our friend. Our friend rarely stays at the flat, however he stayed with his girlfriend on Friday night but me and my boyfriend were out all night and only spoke to them for fifteen mins. The next morning they left early and we didn't see them. They haven't been back to the flat all weekend, apart from today when our friend was in briefly whilst me and my boyfriend were out. However, he text my boyfriend saying him and his girlfriend got a sickness bug on Saturday and stayed at hers all weekend. We have now left the flat for the week until Sunday, so we still haven't come into direct contact with them since Friday night, only for fifteen minutes. I am so worried in case I get this sickness bug. Does anyone know the likeliness of this happening since I haven't seen them since Saturday and won't see them again until at least Sunday??

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It's OK to get sick if you do. Minor illnesses boost your immunity! If you do get sick, take a short vacation and spoil yourself to get better!

So I am constantly afraid of this as well. Especially with 2 small children.

If you are talking about the stomach bug - like vomiting and diarrhea - you have to come into direct contact t with that. Don't use the same bathroom


Now a cold - those germs are everywhere.

I would buy some lysol and spray the restroom down . Wear gloves and clean up . My daughter recently got the stomach bug and it was awful however I kept everything as clean as I could. I even used a bleach mix to mop my floors . You should be fine . Most adults are only contagious for a week . And germs can't live on hard surfaces for that long .

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