Pulsing in base of skull

I get this pulsing in the base of my head kind of like where my neck meets my head? It sort of throbs with my heartbeat and I can hear my heartbeat faintly in my head when this happens. I know this isn't normal because I've never had it before, it appeared suddenly along with dizziness, eye pain, nausea, pain in temples, pain in base of skull, and pressure in my head when I bend over sneeze cough or laugh. All of this stuff scares me I wonder if subconscious anxiety is causing these symptoms or if it's real. I self diagnosed myself with iih, chiari, a brain tumour, etc but I still haven't got answers I've been stressed for four months. Doctors have no clue I had a CT scan and nothing came up, no sinus issues. I've been denied an MRI because my doctor thinks I'm fine but something for sure feels wrong. I hope someone can point me in the right direction


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2 Replies

  • I'm sorry you have these symptoms and feel this way. It sounds really horrific and scary. I have no personal symptoms like this but my mother, who also suffers with mental illness, has spoken of things like this before.

    Over the years she has been in and out of hospitals and done every test conceivable. We often talk about the very physical symptoms our anxiety can produce. For instance, her propensity to suffer from migraines. The constricting of her blood vessels so that huge pain results from too much blood rushing through as her heart races. We have called ambulances many a time thinking it was a stroke.

    I hope your pain goes, I hope you feel good sometimes, good luck xxxx

  • thank you <3

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