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Feel like i need to run


Not sure if this relates to anyone else. I get anxiety and mild panic attacks at night mostly. Especially when I'm trying to sleep as I cross to sleep i get a fear of foreboding and think I'm going to have a stroke or something bad with my health. I have nerve problems in my back and sometimes my legs go pins and needles. This makes things worse.

Sometimes if it comes on i get this sudden urge to run away or too run. Not sure why this is coming on or why i feel the need to run?

I do have a lot on and often get stressed but no idea why I get anxiety like this? ?


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You sound like me. 😝 I only have Anxiety at night. It sucks. I get scared of falling asleep. I think something bad is going to happen or I'm gonna die in my sleep. 😳 it's horrible. I don't get the urge to run though. That's new to hear. Sorry if I'm not help. Just thought I would let you know I experience the same as you do. Its awful & I can relate.

Thanks LoveMeg22 for taking the time to write and relate to me with it. I cant figure it out. Have you gotten any help or professional advice?

My anxiety would make me feel like I wanted to run or jump out of my skin. I think it was just the sudden rush of such strong fear and adrenaline that would cause that feeling. My bestfriend still gets those feelings of an urge to run when her anxiety peaks. We talk about it all the time

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