I was feeling fine yesterday until the evening I began to have anxiety in the evening from about 6 pm to about 10 pm. It was not fun I was shaking and nauseous, I felt helpless. But I noticed something, at about 8 I began to have pain between my shoulders, It didn't hurt to touch but it was uncomfortable. I was able to burp and it went away. I was able to sleep and woke up around 2 in the morning with anxiety and the need to burp, but it felt like the pain in back was back and it was trapped there. It went away after I burped a little and went back to sleep to wake up with the same feeling 2 more times this morning.

I felt the discomfort for about 3 three hours and all I was having was some soda to help relive some of the gas, but I would still feel the discomfort, I had sips of tea and aloe juice to see if it would help. Ive tried gum, and I had to take small bites of bread or cookie because I just had the feeling I needed to eat something small. The feeling went away just to return again today at 5, it started with the anxiety and know I have the pain again, im not hungry and I dont know why, I dont even want to eat but I know I have to It just is'nt appeling right know.

Has anyone gone through this? Is there something I can do?


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4 Replies

  • One more thing is it feels like heart burn but on my back between my shoulder blades. And any advise on how to get my appetite back

  • Hi nmp1, It sounds like acid reflux. When the acid from your stomach goes up into the esophagus it irritates the tiny nerves in that area. What you end up getting is referred pain in your upper back between the shoulder blades. It would help to get a prescription med from your doctor to reduce the acid you are overly producing (from anxiety). Once the acid is back under control, you should start feeling better. Hope that helps..

  • Heartburn can easily go to your back and shoulders. It can also hurt really badly! Go to earthclinic.com for natural cures. Of course, anxiety gives us heartburn. It seems to like to give us everything bad! Heartburn puts me into pure panic. I feel your pain!

  • Agora1is so right with her suggestions, I experienced the exact same problem, I went to the doctor, I'm now on lansoprazole for excess acid, they work wonders and i very very rarely have any problems now :-) see what your doc says, let us know how you get on xx

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