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Random anxiety

Hey guys

Past couple of days I have been pretty busy with work and come the end of my shift I just get hit with strong fatigue and dizziness and pressure behind the eyes and start getting panicky for no good reason I eat plenty of nutritional foods during the course of the day and stay well hydrated

I just can't seem to understand why I mean I would love to just blame this on anxiety but damn I just can't seem to comprehend the whole thing

My doc has me going for tests to check B12 and vitamin D

Anyone else in the same boat


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Hi Curtis,,,I think when we have anxiety every little ache and pain is sound like you take good care of yourself so I wouldnt worry too much...I myself take B12 as am vegetarian, and just started taking D last week(my daughters naturopath said she should take for adrenal fatigue,,so she said mom you should try this :) ..keeps us updated what the tests say.

take care



Yeah I have similiar stuff happening to me too. Stuff can be so random it's hard to tell what causes what but I think it's from locked in stress. I also am being checked for b12 so maybe it's that

I also wanted to check in and ask how your headaches have been since your Neuro appointment a few months ago, I see you haven't posted anything bad about headaches in a while which is good

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Yeah it's just so random it can be hard to accept anxiety causes such symptoms but I do believe I am getting a bit run down with the flu

As for the neuro she just told me I suffer with a tension and migraine headache disorder and to reduce stress avoid excess caffeine and try relaxation techniques as well as increasing my amitriptyline from 10mg to 25mg and I am thankful for the medication as it really has helped I do get bad migraines still and they can last 2-4 days but I have it much more under control now compared to how they were and I also get chronic neck pain on one side it appears to be a large knot that I get which causes me right sided headaches but massaging the knot offers some relief

I just started taking a magnesium supplement which is meant to be good for a variety of things so I will see if things improve after a few weeks

I am also having my vitamin levels looked at as well as my digestive system levels checked to see if they are good

All the best


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