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Not feeling it today

Today was OK until I got home I have really bad anxiety my heart's not going fast but it just feels weird it feels like it's going to stop it feels like it's fluttering or shaking inside I feel so anxious I might just try not to panic and I'm doing okay right now but super annoying I can't go to sleep my chest feels funny yesterday for Thanksgiving was very good today now just relaxing day and I still don't feel good I'm sure that if I drink a beer right now everything will be fine but I'm going to stick with my team I feel out of breath Harley no oxygen I feel weird I don't know what it could be but hopefully his stuff goes away cuz I hate this feeling I just don't like it at all

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Have you had this feeling before?


See I'm glad I'm not the only one,

I ate a lot during thanksgiving,

So I figure I have heartburn, and because of that I have been obsessing over the random pain wondering what the hell it could be. I guess I just ate too many Bell peppers and stuff.

But it seems we are the same, anything dealing with breathing, the chest, or the heart area automatically sets me into a frenzy of overwhelming negative thoughts. Drink some water like ice cold water, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket and put on a funny movie or something relaxing to take your mind off of it.

I know you'll feel better ❤️

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