Wierd head sensation

I might sound wierd but i was wondering if any of you have the same problem i been hearing and feeling like a crackling sound behind my neck and the upper of my head area its like the sound of sparkling water or pop rocks candy like the popping sound i dont know any other way to explain it but i was wondering if any of you expirience it or know what it is it has me kind of worried


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  • Joe3344, I do get that same pop rocks candy sound back of neck and head. Don't worry about it, I just accept that it's a part of my tenseness of being anxious all the time. Proper head and neck alignment helps as well as heat on the back of the neck. Tight muscles and ligaments are the cause. If you continue to worry, have your doctor check for arthritis in the discs. That will only give you another name for the problem since nothing can be done about that anyway. Try to relax and take worry out of your day. That will help.

  • Good afternoon. I feel the same . I went to the doctor, I did xray of my neck. The Exam showed onset of arthritis. Now I'm very worry.

  • Hi Biakey, I too have arthritis in my neck due to having a whiplash many years ago in a car accident. It doesn't help to worry about it. Eventually everyone gets some form of arthritis. Nowadays there are treatments and meds if the discomfort gets too bad. Mainly it's just a matter of readapting the way you do things in order to not cause pain. Physical therapy may help some as well. Take it easy.

  • It made me feel discouraged. I feel fatigue. discomfort. Stiffness crackles every day. I just do not feel any pain. 😢😢

  • And that's good Biakey that you don't feel pain. I think that the discouragement is causing you to feel fatigued. The discomfort can also be from you being told you have the onset of arthritis. We cannot avoid it in a lifetime. It has to do with our standing upright putting a lot of stress on our joints. It's a part of living that we need to accept.

  • Agora 1. Mas Vc sente essa fadiga desconforto. Rigidez ???

  • Biakey, Eu entendo, e eu simpatizo com voce'

  • 1. But you feel this fatigue discomfort. Rigidity ???

  • I do not feel fatigued since getting off medication.

    However, the rigidness of the neck is there and the

    discomfort more so on cold rainy days or when overdoing

    housework or anything strenuous. But I don't worry about it.

  • So you guys think i might have neck arthitis

  • Joe, don't even put that idea in your head. Only your doctor can tell by an xray.

    I still say it has a lot to do with the tense and tight ligaments.

  • Joe If I had not gone to the doctor. I always thought it was stress. That's why it's good to go to the doctor. To take away the doubt

  • I have had that before and i think its just a neck issue nothing to worry about. You could see a chiro or osteopath to fix it up for you.

  • Alright well first things first

    You have to remember humans are organic beings, and at some point everyone feels that exact way.

    I have that happen to me all the time whenever I'm sitting at my laptop for a long time and don't really move too much,

    Or just randomly I'll hear something. But honestly it's because people like us are super sensitive to specific sounds and feelings that we instantly take it as a sign of danger & it is just a false alarm,

    You're probably just dealing with a stiff neck. Take a warm towel and put it around your neck, lay down, listen to something relaxing or watching something funny.

    I promise you'll feel better

  • I dont think for me its my neck i think it more like at the base of my head

  • Joe3344m now that's different. I've also experienced pain, tightness and crackling at the base of the head. That usually comes from trigger points, muscle knots. I went for myofascial release from a physical therapist. Acupressure done by the therapist will break up those tight knots at the base of your skull. It will allow the fluids trapped their to dissipate. You will feel better. Again it happens because of the tenseness of our neck and shoulders.

  • I get this too sometimes and always thought it was a bit like if your knee or ankle pops. Don't think it's any big deal, but maybe physio could help if it bothers you.

  • Yea its wierd it happens while not moving even when im laying or sitting down

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