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Please help

Hi everyone Happy Thanksgiving. I haven't had a BAD anxiety attack in a while so I kinda in a way forgot how bad they felt. I was at work walking down the hall and all of a sudden I felt extremely hot and heart started pounding I started to feel tingling all over and as if I was in a trans like a dream. It was so scay. Was this an anxiety attack I just had please someone help

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I am in the UK so we do not have Thanks Giving but I still would like to say Happy Thanks Giving To You :-)

What you describe could have been a panic attack or it could have been simply nothing as such or what I call a funny moment , but remember it passed , so we have to try and dismiss what happened because if it were anxiety that caused it fearing what happened will just feed it which is not what we want as that will create more anxiety

Try and I know it is not easy but leave this in pass and wipe it from your thoughts and move on and enjoy your Thanks Giving :-)

Take Care x


You're completely right. I think it was an anxiety attack but I got through it :) Thank you

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