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Anxiety & your menstrual cycle. Advice ? :/



I'm pretty anxious as usual on my period. It's day 1 of my cycle smh. Anyways do any of you tend to hyperventilate sometimes? I also felt this throbbing sensation in my neck , lower part near where the collarbone is. Idek what that was. I'm not super worried but did want to know has anyone else experienced this? I hate the panic attacks . I may try to meditate after i take a nap . I'm packed for this family holiday vacation. Oh & happy holidays to all in the US , celebrating thanksgiving. If any other country is celebrating a special holiday, same to you. :) but anyways ladies , any tips on how you deal when/ & or if you hyperventilate . I broke a health anxiety coping rule & googled "throbbing sensation" for my neck & hyperventilating..of course google did great in making me super anxious. I've calmed down a bit since lol.

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Yes! My anxiety shoots up just before! Try some breathing exercises or meditation like you said. Watching your blood sugar and iron levels can help too 😊 No googling symptoms!! Lol it's very normal for it to increase with hormone change

Thanks !! :))

anxiety is different in most people . its never the same .. change in diet and a bit excersise helps .. you will be fine

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