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General Rant

Hi everyone,

Sorry I just need to have a general rant about everything as it's getting to a point where it's getting to be a bit too much for me.

I've recently had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia (which I think comes following a car accident) and I've been dealing with that and learning about my limits how to pace myself etc. basically this is getting to me on it's own as I just am getting overwhelmed by everything and needing help for everything.

On top of this, I'm looking at claiming compensation for this and that would take about 2 to 3 years through a specialist solicitor. It's no win no fee, but I'm still panicked that I wouldn't get everything and I don't know if I can even deal with the stress for this long. but I feel like it would be worth it, but I'm so scared for literally no good reason I think my anxiety is just showing it's stupid head because it's something that's quite a big deal and could be worth a lot of money I just. bleh. I dont know.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just a bit overwhelmed! O.o

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Let the solicitor handle your case. You just handle your life. What will be will be. You can be happy whatever the outcome of the case. Work to take care of yourself through meditation, exercise, good eating, fun, and relaxation. Peace to you.

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Thank you for your nice reply :) I guess I was just a little overwhelmed,but like you say i need to let the solicitors handle it :) thanks :)


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