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Afraid to sleep

Hey you guys, i have a question, does anyone else get more anxiety at bedtime, from fear of going to sleep because you're afraid to dream? I have nightmares or bad dreams sometimes and lately they've been making me scared to go to sleep in fear of having one. Can anyone relate to this at all?? Besides this, I hope you are all doing well and ready for the holidays!! Happy holidays to you all! Love ❤️ Peace 💙 And Joy 💛

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I can relate. I posted the same thing a couple of days ago. Pandora radio has a station called anxiety disorder and it helps me to sleep.

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Thank you! I'm going to listen to it tonight. I didn't know about Pandora having that


One night I found it while trying to find music to calm my nerves lol. It's very upbeat. Good luck


Yeah.... my husband said I've woken up yelling "Jesus is my savior!! Help me, Jesus!" Then I remember i was dreaming about hiding because I was feeling threatened.

Have you been tested for apnea? My sleep doctor said you only remember dreams if you are woken before you complete your REM cycle.


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