Since this past Spring, actual'ly Easter Sunday, This hit me like a bunch of Bricks!

I am a 2/time Widow, combine'd marriages 42 years, I am 69 now, living ALONE

in a Senior Complex........apartment-building. But this condition is Completely taking up all my Energy, I have No Patience, I am nauseous every morning! Everything currently SCARES Me! I am about ready 2 say, I don't belong anywhere, can't feel anywhere near Normal, it's exhausting!


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  • I am only 31 and feel similar. I know it is emotionally draining and painful...but never give up hope. There are so many of us like this...let's keep fighting the good fight. 🤗😚We ARE going to beat this. You are very valuable and have much purpose. Don't forget that. 😇😙I send you my love and support. And you are amazing for reaching out to us here on this forum. 😊

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