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I'm feeling really rough with my anxiety and OCD again it's very very high it's very bad been having physical symptoms of aniexty where breathing changes and then I feel the need to hold my breath then keep doing it then your breathing goes funny.... then top with that I have OCD and intrusive thoughts and it's horrible they been so high it's unbearable 😢 I would like to ask with bad thoughts can they make u think u want them to happens then flip back no. Then say if u don't do this they will happend then your brain will like freeze then then your trying to put it right and get beta but u feel u can't

It's hard hope u all unstand x

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Hi I know what you mean it's like a challenge in your head with anxiety making it worse it's awful place to be it's like driving yourself mad but you have to force your self to keep going you can do this , xx


I'm trying to understand your post. I think you are saying that you have bad thoughts, then they go away, then they come back, etc... I think this is normal with anxiety. I know I feel that way. That is until I got on medication, and I feel much better now. Are you under Dr. care for meds? I tried to control it myself for years and I wanted to be strong but I spiraled down. Then I realized I am just wired differently and okay to take meds. I feel so much better I can't tell you:)


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