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Future Hopes

I am so sad that I don't look forward to anything. I only look forward to facing whatever with anxiety and having to just get through it. I wish I could feel excited about going on vacation or anywhere away from home! I dread it. We will be traveling for Christmas and I am already bracing myself for the faking it all week as I drag around my anxiety and depression with a big ole' fake smile on my face. I am so blessed. WTF can't I be happy and excited and NOT worry. Oh, I so wish I had good anticipation instead of bad. Anyone been dealt with this and been able to change it?

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Hi there! I don't know if you are traveling for holidays with husband and kids, so thus responsibility to others? For me, I am single and last family event I was just not up for it. It was a BIG event w/ all family members present but I did not think I could hold it together. Since I did not have responsibilites to others (especially kids) I opted to stay home and give an excuse why I could not go. I made a good decision! I knew the anxiety/depression I was experiencing was not normal, and I wanted to get my meds in order and 'feel good' before attending family events. For me it was an awesome good decision. Although my meds are not yet 'perfect' I feel so much better and looking forward to Thanksgiving w/ my family. Hopefully you can talk to your Dr and get this figured out before your travels.

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Hi, I know how you feel...especially the "fake smiling". I miss when I was genuinely happy and COULD genuinely smile. I too dread these things. I am single with no kids also so I opt out quite often. 😶🙄Plus still battling agoraphobia.


I had a similar feeling today. I have a lot I should be happy for but my anxiety is keeping me down. I hope you have enjoyment over the holidays. Don't push yourself too hard focus on having good small moments even if you can't make yourself enjoy the whole trip try to find little events such as making a gingerbread house or decorating a little that you can enjoy and have as a happy moment


It's the What ifs that are stopping all your enjoyment of life

The DARE book by Barry McDonagh or Dr Claire Weekes books will get you on the road to recovery

Please give them a try you will change the What if to So what

When you feel the panic that's it Its as bad as it will ever get then it dies down Claire Weekes says no new symptoms can arise So think what the worst you get is and don't fight it let it come over you Float past as she says You will lose your fear and get well Its adrenaline shooting through your body it won't do you any harm

Please give the books a try you have nothing to lose but your anxiety xx


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