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Jumping out of sleep from Racing hearts at nights

Please who else going through this waking out of sleep from a racing heart Lordy that's a scaredy done ran tests and all on my heart and every thing came back good......i do have bad acid reflux on my stomach doctor told me to put blocks under my bed to give it a lift that dont help either....some night I don't have racing heart attack than other nights I do ...someone please talk to me tell me I'm not alone are give me some suggest to help with mines please

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I had this and still get it when I eat too much sugar or a big meal before bed time. I suffer from ibs and anxiety

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Well I eat healthy no sugar at all ....what do u think this is there any meds out there for what we going through please help


Take rescue or any herbal calming meds that's what I do


I have that problem sometimes too I've tried going to bed earlier which sometimes helps and sometimes doesn't. Maybe try putting on a lavender lotion or other soothing scent before bed?


Good u doing with your racing hearts while sleepy minds still there this effect with my whole life.....pleae chat back with me thanks


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