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Severe Anxiety

Hello People,

I am 31 Yr old male having severe anxiety / depression issues. I am delaying my marriage plans because of anxiety. I feel like i have lost the battle in life and i absolutely cant do nothing about it.

I get this panic attack when i speak to people, be it an individual or a group of people, The latter has my heart thumping and strangles me gasping for breath. I really cannot face people sometimes and i get depressed about this.

My career is in danger becasue i over think. I cannot concentrate nor focus even if i read anything 10 times, i cannot remember what i read. I forget things very quickly. This has made me stay at home and made me dead lazy.

Even when people talk to me , i answer them in one word and i sit quiet. i cannot smile while i am speaking and i stare when speaking to people so they avoid speaking to me.

I have stopped growing mentally , i cannot do things which i want to do,i cannot express what i feel.

Has someone gone through this , i know my case is very worse.

I appreciate , if anyone who has conquered this can give me a solution.

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Hi I'm a 32 yr old female , I'm going through it now and I'm getting married in 2 weeks. I lost my really good career job because anxiety kept me up all night and I started to become a "zombie" during the day. I'm going to suggest you talk to a therapist. My Mom went through a deep depression/anxiety and that helped her along with a natural herb called Gabba Max (I don't know if I spelled it right) but I'm going to do the same thing as she suggested. But I can relate to everything you described. Right now when I over think, I put my head phones on and put on the calming music station on Pandora and just breath slow. I hope that helped.

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Thank you for the reply tanae. Has your mum overcome depression by taking gabba max?


Yes, She is brand new. My Mom wouldn't even talk before because she was so depressed and constantly going to the ER. They gave her Zantac (it's anxiety medicine) but her anxiety kept coming back once the meds wore off. Finally my Aunts stepped in from Texas and told her to take the Gabba Max because my Aunts are health food freaks and do everything natural. It worked. I don't take anxiety any meds. I've had anxiety since I was 18 but now it's a bit too much for me to handle on my own. I feel like jumping out of my own body if that makes since and sometimes I feel so bad because my fiancée is up all night long with me trying to keep me calm while I'm having these panic attacks so I'm going to buy the natural stuff. I think it comes in a powder form and you add it to your drink. Call your health food store and ask about it.


Or Google reviews about it if you don't have a health food store near you. The correct spelling is Gaba Max :) sorry about that.


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