Hey everyone I have a question

Is there different types of anxiety attacks i mean like physical sensations because im worried seems like every ones are similiar to eachothers like the chest pains heart racing and shortness of breath you knoe like the classic symptoms but i always get a intense death feeling like its the end of me everytime it happens i feel like im dying of a illness or something and i always feel off like somethings seriouly wrong like if im sick of a illness im just wondering if any of you know what im talking about please feel free to drop comments


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  • Hi Joe3344, That intense feeling of death when getting heart racing is very common. Our mind goes into "alert" mode as soon as the heart symptoms start. One of the things I have done is to pace when the heart starts racing, it will help use up the extra adrenaline in your body. It's that shot of adrenaline that makes you feel ill. Once the heart beat is lessened some, I usually find a comfortable chair, lower the lights and start deep diaphragmatic breathing. Close you eyes while inhaling slowly, holding for a few seconds and then exhaling slowly while you say "relax". Doing this for about 10 min will open up the muscles in the chest wall to help you breathe better and reduce the number of beats per minute. Hope this helps some.

  • The thing is i dont get heart racing i just get a horrible feeling like if its the end im really convinced something is wrong

  • Joe, always see a doctor to assure yourself that nothing is physically wrong. If he says it's anxiety, ask the doctor why you get that impending doom feeling. But I do know that it is a common feeling when going through an anxiety attack. Let us know what the doctor says.

  • Ive seen lots of doctors ive even lost count of times i gone to the er i always tell them about how i feel and they say its anxiety also my doc

  • So now Joe3344 that your doctor has assured you it is anxiety, you need to learn to accept those symptoms as being harmless. I know it's hard to dismiss a horrible feeling of doom, but it needs to be done or it will just go on and on. Once your mind gets to know that you will not give into these threats that something bad will happen, the adrenaline will cease building to rise. Each time you can accept the fear and go on with your day, it will bring you closer to reaching your goal. No Anxiety Symptoms. At least none that you will care about anymore. It may try every so often to set you back but don't give in. Just push forward. It will eventually get tired of harassing you and will just dwindle away. I wish the best for you.

  • Yea i think i have like really bad health anxiety when i would get these horrible feelings it feels like something is wrong in my head i got a mri 3months ago that was clear like around the time this all started but i still feel the same way i went to er but i dont see how anything would be different if i got another imaging

  • I went through the same thing Joe3344 in having several MRIs just to be sure. I found out too many MRIs are not good either. I went through Health Anxiety like you until I just felt the doctors were no longer listening to me. I would leave the doctor's office in the same way I came in, full of fear and doubt. Eventually you will get tired of running looking for answers. And that in itself will be the answer...Acceptance. take it easy.

  • Thanks man i apreciate for looking out like wise to you god bless

  • I think part of it is you think that way joe3344 a mixture of fear and anxiety at the same time producing those thoughts for you, Let me ask you are you okay alone? or with family members , friends.

  • I live with family they all say im just overreacting that nothings wrong but i always feel awful theres probably like only one hour of the day i feel ok

  • A panic attack is usually always the same, like you mentioned heart racing, chest pain, shortness of breath and yes every time I had a panic attack i would get a feeling of impeding doom, like I felt like I was going no to die. But you will not die, your body is going into the fight or flight mode, and your mind is telling your body that you are in "danger" when you are not causing all those symptoms. Find out what's triggering your panic attacks, are you thinking about something negative? Everytime you think of a negative thought let it come into your brain process it, accept it, and then let it go. Do NOT dwell on these thoughts take it for what it is its just a thought it's irrational and not true just because your thinking it if that makes sense. I will pray for you God bless.

  • If you really start accepting your symptoms, and letting them come and pass I promise you will find peace within yourself. Start researching positive information on how to overcome your anxiety, and even download some anxiety apps if you have a smart phone that helped me a lot.

  • I understand completely. I USED to get the racing heart but I managed to get over than and now my "attacks" are like yours. No racing heart, no breathing issues, HORRIBLE sense of doom. I have severe hypochondria now, feeling as though I am sick and worrying about having something badly wrong with me. I kind of miss the old attacks with just the racing heart!

  • mine is like yours aswell.

    more chest pains no raceing heart but this afwull feeling of doom

  • Hey yea im pretty sure i have severe health anxiety i worry alot about my health and yea everytime i feel this feeling its so intense and real i think o im dying of whatever is wrong with me i hate it

  • Try this for health anxiety, it's how I learned to deal with mine: cci.health.wa.gov.au/resour...

  • The feeling of impending doom like something awful is about to happen to you is a very very common symptom of anxiety, I never experienced shortness of breath or a racing heart, no hyperventilating etc, but the fear of something being seriously wrong and death were always major symptoms, its a classic sign of an over sensitized mind n body, it's a typical reaction to anxiety

  • Yea i always feel like im sick or i have something wrong with me and then to top it off this intense feeling of like death comes along its so horrible i feel like oh im dying of whatever i have

  • Yes. My anxiety is I feel ill and feel like I am dying and just haven't been diagnosed. I am sure I have a disease they haven't found....yet. I am too alert to every sensation in my body. I am anxious and so so tired (anxiety is exhausting) and then I think I'm tired because I am sick. Anxiety manifests itself numerous ways. It depends on our focus. If we're focused on our health, then that's where our anxiety goes. Your description of feeling "off" is exactly how I feel. The website Anxiety No More is helping me a lot. As is the book DARE. I have also found that taking vitamins and eating right and keeping busy and exercising help. I have a physical tomorrow and I have high anxiety because i fear doctors, but I am going to assure myself and to help me accept my anxiety. See a doctor, get a clean bill of health, and then work to accept it's anxiety. Be sure your doc checks your thyroid with a complete panel, does a CBC, and checks for vitamin D and B complex vitamins. Hormones should be checked too. All these can add to feeling ill and having anxiety.

  • Yea i have got all blood test but i dont think ive got tested for vitamins and im same as you i feel im dying of a illnes then when that horrible feeling hits me im like fu** im gonna die now of whatever i have

  • I'm the same,I've got it in my head that everytime I have an attack I think its going to be a heart attack

  • Yes you are not alone I too have these symptoms it's health anxiety. I try going for walks going a little further each time and relaxation music. If you google mood juice there are several you can download. I also had councelling they give you ways of taking your mind off your feelings, different ways to distract you away from your thoughts. Hope things get better for you x

  • Yea i go on long walks too in the mornings ive gone too councelling it did help somewhat

  • I did end up having 3 separate councelling sessions over the last 2 yrs. Just takes time to learn how to cope with it. I still get the odd really bad days. You will get there. x

  • Yes that is the feeling of dread and impending doom classic panic symptom

  • What is dread and impending doom is it a sensation ?

  • Yes that is a feeling and sensation exactly how you described it's the feeling of something really wrong as if something very bad is about to happen

  • You mean like if you're about to die literally thats how i feel at times

  • Yes

  • Have you expirienced it

  • Yes many times

  • This was the best thing I found for my health anxiety, seriously, if you want to get better do ALL the work:


  • Hi, I have had soooo many different kinds! Yes.

  • Its crazy i know tell me about it its horrible i cant even believe its anxiety if it even is

  • Hi Joe, ive been through that before and i totally understand how that feels. my anxiety got triggered after the sudden death of a close relative and i was diagnosed with IBS too which raised my anxieties. But i learnt how to manage it along the way and its slightly better. you need to first recognize and be aware that you are getting an anxiety attack and then do relaxation techniques. I do stuff like deep breathing and mental counting. i find that the mental counting helps to distract the negative thoughts and fears. Count 1...2...1...2...im your mind each time you inhale and exhale. At the same time try self talk and tell urself that you're having an anxiety attack and it will pass and ur not gona die. Hope this helps! Its not easy i know but what you can do is to find ways to cope with the anxiety and manage it.

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