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Anxiety won't win!

I've posted before that what's making me really anxious right now is my fixed term contract and the unofficial dangling carrot of possibly being made permanent.

I was in my team meeting today and we discussed what is currently going on at our other locations and their need for additional resource. My manager said well with the UK whole complete ban on making anyone permanent still in effect they will need to take on temporary staff as the ban won't be ending anytime soon.

This statement has made me feel a little sick. I know what will be will be but I just wish they'd just tell me that I'm not being kept on because this whole thing makes me ill. im determined not to let my anxiety get to me

Right now I'm a little uptight.. more just bothered but I know how it goes with me. it festers and festers until I'm in a full anxiety and depressive episode so me sharing will hopefully prevent that.

Do any of you think I am overreacting to what she said?

Thanks for reading

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Not too sure, I live in the states. Not sure what that is, but I can say that I know how it feels to let something upsetting fester til it makes me sick. I am trying to train myself to calm down more and easier. I hope it goes better for you. 😊😚


I'm now off work until Monday on holiday so I am going to put it together back of my mind and relax :)

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Write it down with feeling it helps! 😆


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