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Eye floaters and flashes and weird feeling

Hello, I was wondering if anxiety can cause eye floaters and like flashes of lights sometimes like stars kinda. They appear randomly. And sometimes one eye seems to very sensitive like it will water and then sometimes just feel dry. Does anyone else go through this? This all seemed to start when my anxiety started to get worse. And then when they happen i seem to keep focusing on what just happened and I get more anxiety. And they dont last more then like a second at the most.

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I sometimes see stars too! 😝 At night, I sometimes see static like dots in my vision as well. That's the best way I can describe it. I wish I had the answers to this but I don't. I only started noticing this since my Anxiety started too!. 😝 it must be an anxiety thing? Like I said, Anxiety has made little symptoms seem SO BIG. When there not. 😳 even common headaches that EVERYONE experiences sometimes triggers my Anxiety too because it makes me think the worse! Like a brain tumor or something. 😒 but then I remind myself these ARE ALL COMMON factors/symptoms that people experience on a daily basis.

It's so scary how Anxiety can make us think & feel. 😮 you just need to find a way to overcome it! Easier said than done but it IS POSSIBLE. Maybe going & getting an eye exam can help out ease to what your experiencing! I still need to do that for myself. 😝 but once I get it done & find out everything is okay I believe that will help my little Anxiety that I have left. Just getting that re-assurance helps me a lot! 😊

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I wore dark sun glasses for ages so I would not have to see the floaters. SOmeone told me it was a "toxic" liver. Who knows. Homeopathy has lots of remedies for floaters and flashes of light so it must be pretty common.

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