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Is this really anxiety

I went to the er today because of how ive been feeling and again they said it was anxiety im aslo getting tired of going and i know they are anoyed of me going its just that i cant seem to shake this horrible feeling im having a hard time doing so i keep thinking i have something in my head because of this feeling its so real i had a mri 3months ago that was clear and i dont see how a ct scan would be different but i still i dont see how its anxiety when i dont get symptoms just that sickly overwhelming sensation im scared of it i hope it really just is anxiety instead of something serious also i been hearing and feeling what sounds like soda or pop rocks candy in my head i kinda been in like a shock mode of fear because i dont know any more feels like im gonna die everytime i get this feeling, i have a family who i love so much i dont know if some of you understand what i mean

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I know what you mean , some of the symptoms over the years anxiety has given me I have thought never possible !

So much so I wasted years worrying they were missing something , yet years later I now look back and realize just how powerful anxiety can be and the symptoms it can cause

If you have been checked out which you sound like you have been , then try & accept and not analyse everything this will feed the anxiety and the symptoms and accept that yes looks like anxiety is creating all this as they can find nothing physically wrong and get all the help you can maybe counselling etc as this does and will get better :-)

Take Care x

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