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Does anyone wake up confused and like the can't concentrate for ages after waking? I feel like when I wake up I'm really confused and my thoughts are racing and I just can't seem to concentrate on one thought!

I have a 6 month old baby so I'm woken frequently but it just scares me that I get confused and can't think straight! Anyone have similar symptoms?

Thanks x

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Hello. Ashleigh91

I remember when my son was six months old and I hardly slept (bad sleeper anyway) I suffer with aniexty and depression). Lack of sleep makes you feel like you crazy out of control. Do you have any other symptoms?

It's hard with a newborn. It's takes me ages to get going on a morning anyway my son is four now lol.



No other symptoms at the moment, I know that it is most likely because I'm not getting very much sleep but my anxiety kicks in as soon as I feel confused and sets everything off. I try to stay calm and try get a little bit more sleep if possible. I know what you're saying I do feel better after an hour or so when my body accepts that I am not going to get anymore sleep. Thank you for replying it's good to know that other mums have felt this way too


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