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I feel hopeless

Everyday or so i dont feel right everyday not one day i can feel good and have a good day i try so hard and go out with friends and family but this awful feeling that i dont know how to explain like if im dying or something is really wrong im just tired of it i cant do anything every time it happens its like my time is up it overwhelms me and its scary and i know we all die im just tired of suffering from this feeling i cant shake it i dont know if any of you understand me you might think im crazy or so but it just feels so real becausethen this horrible feeling comes like my whole body is going to shut down and can last all day sometimes and when i feel somewhat alright i still feel like something is seroulsy wrong i dont know if any of you can relate to what im talking about and no matter how hard i tell my self its anxiety i cant convince my self i dont get chest pains or symptoms i just dont know what to do anymore i feel like just giving up

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Hi Joe3344, we can understand because many of us have experienced the same feelings. Anxiety as well as depression can make those feelings surface. Buried emotional issues can make as feel this way when we don't address them through therapy. Medication sometime is needed to calm your mind so that you can concentrate on moving forward. Right now you are stuck in this scary scenario. You can't fight it so you feel hopeless. When you're hopeless you can't accept it. It comes to a point where we need help breaking that cycle. I hope that you can take that step forward in order to move in the right direction. My best

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