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16 year old male with anxiety


Hello, I'm 16 I've been struggling with anxiety for a while haven't had the best life but trying to take one day at a time. Over the summer my anxiety seemed to get really bad and I went into a deep stage of depression. My anxiety has now turned into health anxiety and I'm always thinking there is something majorly wrong with me, I will go to the doctors they check me out and say it's just anxiety. I also have gotten fasting blood work done and it all came back normal. One of my major health anxiety is my heart think there's something wrong with it all the time even though the doctor says it's just anxiety like I get heart palpitations and feels like my heart is racing or not beating right but I can breathe fine but I've noticed it seems to happen when I'm anxious and then it just goes into a horrible cycle of racing heart and anxiety by racing I mean my heart beats at like 100bpm then it turns into me thinking everything is wrong. Anyone else experience that? Recently my anxiety was gone for like 2 weeks I was feeling really good. Then I came down with a cold then my head starts racing thinking everything is wrong, thinking I'm going to die. I've tried multiple medications none seem to work for me or I go on it for like 4 weeks and it seems like to many chemicals going into me. Does anyone else go through this? I'm just tired of anxiety it's controlling my life I hate how I can be feeling excellent and then bam it all comes back.

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Hello, well the first thing you need to know is you will not die from anxiety . Your body is protecting the things you think is wrong . Your heart speeds up because your mind thinks your having problems with your heart . If you were dieing it would slow down. Have you ever had adrenalin rush when going on a fun ride at a fair ? Well to get that feeling you have to have adrenalin in your brain . So we tend to get to much adrenalin in our brain and sometimes our body's don't know what to do with it so it releases some in our body's and we are like omg what's going on . It's like some kind of super power that takes over we notice everything in our body ever twitch every ache every thing and then our breathing is shallower and then we feel numbness . And then our thoughts we have is fear of what is going on so we think the worst . But really you are Ok and when it comes to anxiety we have to let it come welcome it and not fight it . Sounds crazy I know but when we fight anxiety it only gets worse and everything in our body pays for it . Let is come and just breath threw it . And find things that help you relax when having an anxiety attack . I used to go for a walks . If you don't fight them they will come and leave just as fast as they came . And eventually they will subside . And if you can remember when and why you started having anxiety then that should help you deal with some of it to.. the fear of not knowing what it is and how it works is a stresser so I hope u can get something from this . Take care.

Hang in there, kiddo. We are here to support you. Anxiety loves to make your heart race. You need to breath deep and let it happen. Ask the anxiety what it wants? Look at it in the face and tell it you know it's just a feeling and it can't hurt you. Calmly talk to your anxiety. You're young, so you should really use exercise to release the chemicals that build up when your anxious (and cause the racing heart). Running, biking, boxing, swimming, and yoga all burn adrenaline. Get yourself into a routine of exercise. It will change your life. Eat healthy and take a good probiotic for your tummy. Ask to get your thyroid, minerals, and vitamins checked to see if your deficient. You WILL recover. Be proactive and give yourself a break.

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