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Brain and anxiety

The other day I was shopping. Not stressed out at all. Looking for clothes for my kids. I had eaten a good breakfast and had a lot of water after working out. All of a sudden i felt like a brain freeze and had to grab on to the rack of clothes like I was going to fall over. I was a little out of it after that but continued to shop. I was freaked out. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and on and off medicine for it. Currently I am not taking anything. When I have been to the dr twice now explaining this symptom, I was given a battery of heart tests, an MRI about five years ago and brain tests. It has happened twice where I had to pull over. I got so worried that it would happen when I am with my kids. I am of course worried that I have a brain tumor or am having mini strokes. Thankfully I am going next week to the dr. Has anybody else experienced this? Also, anybody have luck with natural supplements for anxiety. I really believe as a woman, so much is related to hormones. By the way all tests came back normal in the past.

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I too believe a lot is hormone related.. I had a funny episode just last night , the room was spinning and had to cling on to stuff... Proper freaked me out.. Too ., you're not on your own take care .

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Sometimes it's just a thought that will do it trust me . And your subconscious


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