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Just not sure


Hi all,

Today went to my dads as he is now getting home care and had to have a meeting with someone to get the ball rolling on this . . Mum passed away 2 half years . Ever since she has gone when I go to Dads house I feel faint , heart races and skips and jumps , I feel like I want to vomit and pass out . I left there after it was all done , hour and half but then all day I felt just terrible , it felt like my inside of my body was just buzzing I felt terrible, could not concentrate to do anything back at work . I was starting to think I have diabetes ?? Come 2 pm I took a Kalma tablet just couldn't cope any longer .

So is this normal ?? And why did I feel like this all day ??? That's what I need to know . Any help would be great . THANKYOU

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