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Not feeling good today

My anxiety is high today and also suffering different symptoms which is very weird for me as I have never had these ones! Currently feeling weak with my legs,arms but also feeling like am about to pass out and drop to the floor! I can still get up and walk about and etc but I feel weak doing this! And because this is a new symptom for me it's starting to scare me! I also noticed I feel as tho am not breathing properly today! Anybody with me on this one?

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Do you have symptoms of a head cold at all? If you do, and you also suffer from anxiety, the weak arms and legs and feeling like your going to faint can come on pretty bad when your head or ears have a virus.


i have had these symptoms many times from anxiety the erratic breathing is causing it and all the other stress chemicals that are being released into your body. Don't worry just try to get your breathing under control


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