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I feel a bit better today i still dont feel normal tho i think i do alot of thinking and i worry alot about my health because i get these wierd unwell sensation it feels so bad i cant to anything and i have to lay down every time it happens its feels like its the end of me its really scary and it could happend when out of nowhere so i worry what might caused it if theres something wrong also because i been having these wierd headaches but its not like pain i also can hear and feel like clicking or like bubbling sound kinda like soda

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Hey Joe, glad you're feeling better. Your symptoms sound like what I was diagnosed with TMJD. Have you ever been told by a dentist you grind or clench your teeth?


i dont think i grind or clench my theet or not that i know of but i dont think its tmjd ive seen doctors but i havent gone to dentist but i dont see how tmjd can cause symptoms like mine


I think you need to understand that your body is a well built machine that will do whatever it needs to regulate it self.

If you are doing anything that will destroy your body (drugs, alchool, smoking etc) over time then maybe. But realize that the chances of you causing something harmful to yourself is very unlikely.

Heart flutter, heart palpitations, irregular heart beats (non-fib) are the bodys way of getting back in order. Same goes for any other part your body and its organs.

Overthinking sucks. In any area whether it be health related or mental etc. Makes you dwell on something that you shouldn't BECAUSE IT WILL MOST LIKELY NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!

I was afraid of mental health. Going crazy and what not. I quickly learned that I was afraid of the idea of going crazy or having a mental illness rather then actually having it. I dwelled on the idea and scared myself in the process.

I had to understand that I was not going down that path (most persons that are are convinced that they are not and these issues are primarily hereditary and happen in the teenage and early 20's. So I had to learn that I was OK and the thought was the thing that was scaring me. Scared of something that will possibly NOT happen. That is what anxiety is all about.

I then became anxious of my health because now that I was over the mental health anxiety I was still feeling the physical symptoms. NOW we enter in the health anxiety. Again over thinking and relating anything that I was feeling means something is wrong. When in reality I have always had these sensations, I just never really noticed them.

What am I saying??? Overthinking is the problem and your anxiety will amplify the over thinking. You're always going to have anxiety. All of us are. We just need to accept. What we can change is the amount we experience and how we respond.

Acknowledge anxiety. Say hello to it. Know that it is anxiety. and don't be afraid. It can't hurt you. Hope this helps



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Yea i understand what you mean but its hard to believe anxiety can make you feel awful beacuse with me theres time like literly i feel like im dying or something is seriously wrong all the time i cant never have a break no matter what i do or if i try to focus on something else its always there theres days i cant even do nothing its so bad i just lay in bed its hard for me to think its anxiety because i dont get palpatations sensations of a panic attack i dont feel anxoius i just get these sick sensations its horrible it convinces me there is something wrong

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I had the same thing.

I wasnt anxious about anything or even thinking about anything but I still felt like I was having a heart attack or stroke or something. I had chest pains/tightness/jawpains/shoulder and back pains/ headaches. I had it all. There were times where I felt like I was going to die and I was bracing for it. With anxiety comes mild depression and depression can make you feel horrible. You need to do things that get you out of that cycle.

Don;t get me wrong. i still feel like this at times but I am still getting over this. 4 steps forward 2 steps back. But remember you went forward in those steps.

Don;t worry about tomorrow or the next day. You can only take on today and handle it today. God built us like this so take His advise and let tomrrow worry about it self. You have no idea what it has in store. so dont worry about it.


You are very correct sometimes i just feel horrible but its just very hard it can be anxiety because it feels so real but i guess you are right


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