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Food for Thought, That Apple a Day Thing Helps

As the "eating" season approaches, here are some yummy ideas for eating for our souls. Delicious and yes, these foods make you feel better. The coconut honey ice cream is da bomb, and it helps "good feelings and happiness" stick with you. It's fun to eat and what the heck, let's have some fun with food and feeling better.

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"here" are some yummy ideas. Wish I could go back and edit posts...or can I?



If you look under your post there is a small box with a sign like a small v sign

Press on that and it will drop down and one option will say "edit "

Press on "edit" and you will go back into your post

Just correct what ever it is you want to and then press finished when you have and your post will be edited :-)

Take Care x

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Got it, did it, love it. Thank you, Lulu!

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