I have mystery nausea. Not sure whether it's from anxiety or physical. I've had a thorough work up done and all has come back fine.

I've quit my job and cancelled a holiday. I've spent thousands on medical testing done privately, and lately it seems like one bad thing after another keeps happening. Someone crashed into my car and didn't leave a note, my cat suddenly got sick and I had to put him down on the weekend.. these are just a few things that have burdened me lately.. I'm in a lot of debt and I'm struggling to stay positive about anything at the moment.

I have a new anxiety symptom (well..I'm hoping it's anxiety). It constantly feels like a can't get a deep breath into my lungs. I have to sigh or yawn a few times to get a deep breath in.. it normally takes 4-5 goes for this to happen. This happened a few years ago but not this bad. It normally sticks around for a week or so at a time and then miraculously the breathing is fine again for a few weeks/months.

Does anyone else get this? It truly feels like I'm suffocating. The doc has sent me for X-rays and lung function tests but said Theres a possibility it is anxiety a chronic hyperventilation thing.

The loss of my cat who was my very best friend for 11 years possibly made this worse, I've also noticed I will always get it before my menstural cycle.

I was given Xanax for the anxiety but it doesn't even touch my severe anxiety at.25mg and the .5mg puts me to sleep. I have lexapro with me but too scared to take it.

If anyone else experienced the breathing issue please let me know!!



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