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Why oh why do I keep feeling like this, I wish I could be like a normal person and just sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow but no I have now managed to convince my self that I have sulfic acid poisoning because my boyfriend decided to charge his battery to his motorbike up in the house and the house stunk like rotten eggs now after googling what to look out for if you have it I have convinced my self my throat is burning I don't actually think it is I just think I feel like that because I've made myself believe it so bad I'm so tierd as well and my eyes keep droppong but everyrime they do I force my self to stay awake, someone please help :'(

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Hi Rik1233, when did your boyfriend do this? I know exactly what it smells like. I experienced that coming from the drains in the house when I used a drain cleaner. The house literally filled with that odor. I called the plumber and he said to turn the fans on and air out the house. It is a potent smell and can cause your throat to burn as well as your eyes. How are you feeling now being 3 hours later. Stay safe.

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