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Will I ever be able to live normally?

Forgive me but I'm having a moment of weakness here where optimism just can't break through. My anxiety doesn't go away anymore. Ever. I am on edge every second of every day. Feel like I am floating in some alternate universe. Heart fears. I'm so tired of it hitting the second my eyes open in the morning. Normal people get out of bed grateful for another day and they go to work, they go for a jog, they laugh at something funny on the news. I'm constantly checking my pulse and afraid to walk to the kitchen because I don't know if I can "make it". I am over medication. For me it makes everything worse. What helps you?

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I am in the same boat. It is pure, agonizing torture. I think we need to take some time off and find a doctor who really cares and can help. In the mean time I am breathing, walking, and keeping busy. I get it. My heart breaks for you. I will pray for you.

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Thank you so much! it really is so difficult but if we have made it this far then I guess that means there is hope


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