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Hi. I just had a loose(ish) bowel movement and there was quite a bit of white and clear mucus on it. During the last day I held in a bowel movement for many hours and eventually made a bowel movement which was pretty normal but I may not of evacuated everything. I'm pretty sure I made another loose(ish) movement inbetween the two above. During the above bowel movements I ate some chicken with hottish peri-peri sauce on it and a load of chips with quite hot peri-peri salt on them which played around with my insides a bit. During this time I also had a redbull and a brownie desert. Anyone know the most likely cause?

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First of all only a doctor can tell you what your stools are saying. Second of all redbull and brownies not so good for healthy bowels along with loads of chips. You will be ok. Just lighten up on the junk food and drink plenty of water.


Thanks. I did not drink/eat all these things at the same time, I did throughout the day but I can see how these can affect me.


I think the answer here might be does it really matter? You had some loose mucousy stools. If that became a regular thing, then yes, see a doc. As a one off, there are numerous possible causes and it is probably impossible to say for certain.


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