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I'm based in Chigwelll Essex,

I've just come out of a nine year relationship.

We still get on a brother and sister and still in the same house for now as we still have financial commitments togethr.

Thing is all the people I know are thru her as I moved into the area.

I would like to strike up some friendships male or female in the surrounding area.

Don't get me wrong,I'm not looking for a girlfriend,just some company to maybe go for a coffee or a beer.

If you think you could help pls message me.



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Hello & Welcome :-)

This Community is really helpful for people with a common goal trying to deal with anxiety

Have you read the Community Guidelines ?

I will pop you the link on and if you could maybe just read them as with any on line sites we do have to be careful until maybe we get to know people and form friendships , as in I believe guideline 15 says Health Unlocked cannot be held responsible for members that may take friendships etc beyond and away from the on line Community :-)

I hope we will be able to help with any aspects regarding your anxiety :-)

Take Care x

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